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The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc (JAMA) is a nonprofit industry association comprised of fourteen manufacturers of passenger cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles in Japan. It carries out various activities to promote the sound development of the automobile industry. With the ongoing development of automobile production worldwide, JAMA also has overseas offices to further strengthen its overseas activities and promote exchange with the local governments and industries, aiming to be a bridge between Japan's automobile industry and the respective regions.

With the progress of motorization in the Asia region, the automobile industries in Asia begin to play an increasingly important role in the world. The Singapore Representative Office was set up for Japan's automobile industry to put to shape its contribution towards the sound development of the automobile industry and motorization in Asia.

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The Singapore Representative Office's main activities are as follows:
  1. Promoting the cooperation and exchange with the governments, related organizations and automobile industries in Asia
  2. Supporting and facilitating industrial cooperation
  3. Disseminating information on safety and environmental issues in Japan's automobile industry.
News from JAMA Asia introduces some of these activities in detail. In addition, the Singapore Representative Office shares information through publications such as the 'Powering Up Hand-in-Hand: Partnership in the Auto Industry between ASEAN and Japan'. Please click here to view.

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