Social Action Programme
Engaged By JAMA Members
? Series 1. Toyota Eco Youth In Indonesia

From this edition, we shall be featuring a series of social action programmes engaged by JAMA members in the ASEAN region. This first article in the series looks at a unique environmental project jointly conducted by PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) and PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM).

The project is titled “Toyota Eco Youth”. It takes the form of a competition in which selected high schools from all over Indonesia compete to improve environmental issues using the Toyota Production System (TPS) problem-solving method. Initiated in 2005, the project enjoys a well-deserved reputation for providing environmental education to the younger generation of Indonesia. Speaking at the 5th Toyota Eco Youth Award Announcement , held in conjunction with its Eco Product International Fair on 7 March 2010 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), the Environment Minister Gusti Muhammad Hatta expressed his hopes for the project in that it would be “sustainable, enhanced and cover all provinces of Indonesia”. At the 2nd Mentoring Activity held in Surabaya, the Local Education Bureau also extolled Toyota’s efforts to become a leading corporate contributor to social action programmes.

The project entails selecting 22 schools from across Indonesia to participate in workshops run by local staff, involved in improvement activities at TMMIN plants. It is created with programme partners from the Kirai Indonesia Foundation and Bandung Institute of Technology. Through these workshops students learn about actual environmental issues and the use of TPS as a solution. Themed activities cover such environmental issues such as wastewater treatment, power consumption and garbage disposal within the school environment, while teachers provide instructions along the way.
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The TPS problem-solving method learnt in the workshops is then applied to selected issues to produce outcomes. The programme runs for a year, during which a team of mentors consisting of Toyota’s Management Team, Kirai Indonesia Foundation and Bandung Institute of Technology, will make regular visits to participating schools to provide advice and instructions on the activities and also to offer other detailed assistance. The students are judged on the results they achieve, with the winning school receiving a monetary award, to be utilised for his or her needs.

At the 5th Toyota Eco Youth Programme, the SMA Semen Gresik School met all the programme’s targets and was named the winning school. The school worked on numerous initiatives, including integrated waste management, solar power infrastructure, environmental forums, the development of organic agrochemicals, the construction of a water control system and the creation of fertilizer from organic waste, as well as tree-planting activities. Environmental education was also actively pursued by the school, which was recognised for not only initiating activities within the classroom but also spreading information and knowledge on environmental issues to nearby elementary, junior and high schools and the local community. Commenting on the project, a teacher from a participating school noted that, “major changes [have happened] in our schools with regard to environmental issues. Environmental awareness among all schools has increased significantly.” Reiterating this view, a student on the programme shared that his “understanding of environmental awareness has been improved” by joining the programme.

While some challenges remain, TMMIN and TAM plan to continue and expand the project, with Indonesia’s Education and Environment Ministries, as well as a number of NGOs, they look forward to even greater outcomes in the future. .

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