Hino Indonesia adopts more Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs: Working towards further environmental protection and social welfare

As good corporate citizen in Indonesia, Hino Indonesia (representing PT. Hino Motors Manufacturing Indonesia & PT. Hino Motors Sales Indonesia) has been participating actively towards environment protection and social welfare since 2007. Keeping close to the aim ‘to meet social expectations and ensure sustainable development in concert with society, which originated from Hino Motors, Ltd (Hino Japan), 27 projects have been carried out.
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Among the 27 projects, we summarized some of the main activities as follows:
Environment Protection
Tree Planting Since 2008 – 2010 A total of more than 10,000 trees have been planted in Kota Bukit Indah, Sentul, Tangerang, Cantayan and other areas surrounding Jakarta.
Hino 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) Program Since 2008 – 2010 To promote the awareness of reduce, reuse and recycle, Hino has donated more than 400 rubbish bins made of recycled empty paint cans since 2008.
Commemoration of “World Environment Day” Since 2008 To commemorate World Environment Day, Hino Indonesia has been holding several events and activities to promote environment protection since 2008.
Donation of Mobile Library / Multimedia Vehicle Since 2009 Hino Indonesia donated several custom built vehicles to YAYORIN1, WWF and other agencies to raise the awareness of saving rainforests, orangutans, Sumatran tigers and wildlife of Indonesia.
Mobile Environment Conservation Education 2010 Supported the Ministry of Environment in promoting environment conservation in West Lampung, Sumatra.
1 YAYORIN is an NGO whose main activities focus on supporting research on tropical rainforest, conservation of orangutans in
its natural habitats, as well as educate children and the community about their role in the conservation of forests.
Social Welfare - Education Enhancement
Mobile Library 2008 A mobile library and wide range of educational and story books have been donated to Yayasan Emanuel to raise the reading interest of the under privileged children.
Library for Orphans Since 2008 Hino Indonesia contributed books and funded a library through Al-Azhar Peduli Ummat, a prominent education foundation in Indonesia. This movement has provided opportunities for orphans as well as the underprivileged to broaden their knowledge in various areas such as auto mechanic, sewing, computer technology, writing and graphic design . Hence, equipping them to aid in their future work.
Preservation of Indonesian Cultural Heritage 2008 Hino Indonesia funded the renovation of the stage of Wayang Bharata, a traditional dancing and arts theatre in Indonesia.
Community Empowerment Since 2009 Electric sewing machines have been donated to the underprivileged via WatSan Action – Yayasan Tirta Lestari to empower them for making products from recycled materials.
Donation of Vehicle Parts 2008 – 2010 Various Hino vehicle parts have been donated to several government technical schools, University and training centers in order to broaden engineering knowledge on automobile mechanic skills and also to nurture and cultivate the future generation of skilled workers in the automotive industry.
Care Towards Education Action 2008 – 2010 Hino Indonesia donates educational materials and books to Kota Bukit Indah Elementary School, Purwakarta, West Java periodically.
2 Yayasan Emanuel is a non-profit, social service NGO which provides services by supporting infants, handicapped children,
malnourished children and poverty-stricken communities. Please refer: http://www.yayasan-emmanuel.org/
Social Welfare – Health improvement and support
Donation to Victims of Earthquake/Tsunami/ Volcanic eruption 2006 – 2010 In response to natural disaster, Hino Indonesia supported victims by providing funds and assistance through the Indonesian Red Cross.
Provide Nutrition and Medicine 2007 One of the first activities of Hino Indonesia’s CSR program was a donation of IDR 50,000,000 to the Kampung Kids Foundation. The fund was used to provide nutrition and medicine to underprivileged children and the elderly in Jakarta
Mobile Eye Clinic 2009 A Mobile Eye Clinic was donated to Yayasan Kemanusiaan Indonesia (The John Fawcett Foundation) to provide free eye surgery and facial correction for the people from remote areas of Bali and Lombok. (Ref: www.balieye.org)
Mobile Clinic 2010 A similar program was conducted for examining pregnant women and children in remote areas by a mobile clinic donated to the local government of Purwakarta. To date, more than ten thousand people have been treated.
Mobile Blood Bank 2010 Hino Indonesia has assisted Red Cross to collect blood donations at various areas with the Mobile Blood Bank.
Beside the above main activities, Hino Indonesia also cooperates with many schools, non-government organizations, local government and the government of the Republic of Indonesia. To achieve the goals of CSR programs, Hino Indonesia selects reliable partners by conducting a survey every year. These organizations, such as WWF, YAYORIN, Indonesian Red Cross, etc were selected as they share the vision and mission of Hino Indonesia’s CSR program.

Monitoring reports of these programs are also submitted by recipients regularly to the Hino Indonesia CSR committee. Hino Indonesia’s CSR committee also conducts evaluations of these programs to further improve effectiveness of those programs and improve their contribution to the society.

Hino Indonesia Director, Mrs. J. Ralhan expressed, “Hino Indonesia designed the vehicle rear body to match the need in supporting individual CSR programs which has inspired other contributors. As a result, more and more mobile vehicles for various purposes were donated recently.”

During the interview, Mrs. J. Ralhan said, “Hino Indonesia is one of the corporate members of WWF. We would like to take part in their programs in the future which meet Hino Indonesia’s CSR requirements. On top of that, Hino Indonesia is exploring the possibility of expanding its focus to include community empowerment in the future to enhance the economic condition of underprivileged people. We aim to reach this by providing training to increase the skills of underprivileged people. This will enable them to become skillful, self reliant, independent people who can work using skills from those training.”

Hino Indonesia CSR activities have proven to benefit the relevant stakeholders and recipients. The environmental activities have raised the awareness of the society on the importance of environment protection and conservation of

wildlife. The health activities have improved the health condition of many underprivileged people, and the education activities have improved the skills of the recipients. They have directly or indirectly contributed to the development of the country’s economy and environmental protection.

With the encouraging results, Hino Indonesia is looking forward to expanding on an even bigger and organized way to contribute to the Indonesian society in the near future.


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