The Isuzu Motors Company is named after the legendary Isuzu River (五十鈴川、 Isuzugawa). The waterway is not only a provider of precious minerals, but also a vital resource for the city of Ise, Mie Prefecture, Japan. Like its namesake, Isuzu Motors Company has a strong association with water. In fact, it chose this precious element as one of the main focuses for promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in commemoration of the 55th anniversary of Isuzu doing business in Thailand. The project, titled “Isuzu Gives Water … For Life”, kicked off on 4th December 2012 in Bangkok.

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The initiative was led by 18 Isuzu Group companies and the Isuzu dealers in Thailand, in collaboration with the Department of Groundwater Resources (GWD) under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Isuzu had set its sights on an ambitious goal: build the groundwater systems, a water tank tower and a station building for six local schools within a year. The cost of building the whole water system in each school would be approximately US45,000 or THB1,400,000.

As of August 2013, Isuzu had built the water systems in three schools in the North, East and West of Thailand. They are:
  1. Baan Huayjakan Tor. Dor. Anusorn School, in Amphur Chiangdao, Chiangmai Province(completed on 30th March 2013);
  2. Baan Lawa Wang Kwai School, in Amphur Danchang, Suphanburi Province(completed on 31st May 2013); and
  3. Baan Kaewmethee School, in Amphur Naduang, Loei Province(completed on 5th August 2013).

In October 2013, Isuzu carried out its 4th project in the Baan Dan Lode School, in Amphur Tamode, Pattalung Province in Southern Thailand, which was an hour drive from the biggest city of Hat Yai.

Although it was rainy season in Thailand during October, the day was filled with an air of joy, laughter and fun. The Isuzu Group was celebrating its opening ceremony of the Water System in Baan Dan Lode School. As soon as they arrived, the team was greeted with a very warm traditional Thai “Wai” welcome from the children. The team was then invited to join the children for a traditional Southern Thailand lunch, provided by Isuzu. The management and team of Isuzu helped serve rice to some of the 230 children. The event made them feel like they were all part of a big family, enjoying a meal together. The dishes were simple and absolutely delicious. The team was impressed, and deeply touched, by everyone's enthusiasm and happiness.

After lunch, the opening ceremony began. Events included wall painting on the water station building and mosaic fixing at a water tap basin. Representatives from the Isuzu Group Management, Isuzu Hat Yai, GWD and local celebrities took part. These events were followed by an introduction to the making of local hand-made foods and specialty products, such as Crispy Roti (similar to Indian Naan bread), Southern Snacks, Bee Farming, Herb Scented Dish Soaps and Bathroom Cleaners.

After the lessons on local products, the Isuzu Group gave a Water System Presentation. In his inauguration speech, Mr. Hiroshi Nagakawa, President of Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Co., Ltd., expressed Isuzu’s commitment to continue welfare programs beneficial to Thai society. “Our Isuzu Group has been doing business in Thailand for 56 years. The corporate vision of the Isuzu Spirit, is manifested in activities that contribute to happiness and prosperity. Isuzu will continue to carry out projects that benefit the Thai community”.

Mr. Masahiro Imamura, President of Isuzu Engine Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd., then shared Isuzu’s vision of promoting a better quality of life. If water is scarce or contaminated with rust, he elaborated, the quality of life will naturally suffer. In view of this, the Isuzu Group in Thailand cooperated with the GWD to construct the groundwater systems and the water station buildings for schools and nearby communities. “Isuzu hopes that clean water will bring better quality of life to the community”, said Mr.Imamura. This project will also enable schools to earn income from selling the bottled drinking water produced by the new water system to surrounding communities.

On top of bearing the cost for building the groundwater system, the Isuzu Group and its dealer, Isuzu Hat Yai Group, also donated an additional 50,000 baht and 30,000 baht respectively, to the school for educational purposes. All the students also received a water bottle and stationary as gifts.

“Due to the strong determination and commitment in jointly solving ‘the lack of clean drinking water’ for students, Isuzu receives letters and phone calls from many schools in Thailand facing clean water problems almost every day. Isuzu will try its best to cooperate with the GWD and continue to carry out this program, until every school in the country has clean drinking water.” promised Mr. Hiroshi Nakagawa.

Isuzu will complete its mission by finishing the construction of the groundwater system within the next two months, in the following locations:
  1. Baan Nongrai School, in Rayong Province (Eastern Thailand) on 6th November 2013; and
  2. Baan Payapipak School, in Chiang Rai Province (Northern Thailand) on 3rd December 2013.
The last speaker at the inauguration ceremony, Mr. Supoj Jermsawatdipong, Director General of GWD, expressed his gratitude to the Isuzu Group for the contribution to Thai society.
“Through the activity in the GWD project, Isuzu discovered that a company could go beyond the basics of ethical business practices and embrace its responsibility to people and society through proactive involvement in social welfare. Isuzu believes that these activities will contribute to the sustainable development of the country, as well as to the healthy growth of the company.”



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