The Indonesian auto market has been growing rapidly in the past few years. All thanks to its fast economic growth that drives demand of motor vehicles. In 2014, about 1.3 million vehicles were produced and 1.2 million were sold in the market. In order to maintain the sustainable development of the automotive industry and accommodate the fast progress of technologies, comprehensive range of vehicle parts are used in the vehicles. Hence, it is becoming of greater importance for Indonesia to nurture more engineers for the industry.

Brief Report on the 23rd AAF/TC3-JAMA Meeting

Mitsubishi CSR Education Program – “Bersama Mencerdaskan Bangsa – Together we grow our nation”



With the belief that education is the foundation, that leads the development of the automotive industry as well as the nation, PT.Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors (KTB), an authorized distributor of Mitsubishi vehicle in Indonesia from Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) and Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation (MFTBC), has participated extensively in the support of CSR programs in Indonesia.

The Mitsubishi CSR Education Program aims to provide special training and opportunities for Vocational High School students, by providing them hands-on experience with donated vehicles and engines.

Running into its 2nd year, KTB has already donated vehicles and engines to its selected 8 vocational high schools in 2014, and another 7 schools in 2015 where automotive is taught as a major. According to Mr.Hamdi, Head of Public Relations & Corporate Secretary Office, “Many vocational high schools in Indonesia do not have vehicles that can be used for training material. Even if they do, the condition of the vehicles was either damaged or the models were outdated. We understand that vehicle technology is changing rapidly, so students are required to learn the latest know-how. By grasping the difficulties that Vocational High Schools face, KTB started to provide new vehicles and engines to the school.”

In an effort to further enhance the effectiveness of the program, KTB joined forces with its local dealers and Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors Regional Training Center (KRTC). KTB provides all the facilities and infrastructure while dealers provide training space. The KRTC provides a training program call Mitsubishi Service Technician Education Program (M-STEP) 1. The M-Step 1 is the standard training on the basics of automotive knowledge. It consists of vehicle system, Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) knowledge and vehicle routine maintenance training. Each vocational high school will send 15 of its best students to participate in the M-STEP 1 after they have completed the basic study. Students will be granted with M-STEP 1 certificate after their test. One of the students, Mr.Oki Hendarto from Siswa KRTC Kebumen said, “Through this M-STEP training, I’ve gained more knowledge and improved my basic skills. I have also learnt about Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI), measurement, housekeeping and others. Thank you for Mitsubishi.”

Killing three birds with one stone, the program not only benefits the students, but also the dealers and the schools as well. Students will have bigger opportunities to find a job in the industry after their graduation, plus dealers will have information and contact details of potential candidates from schools to be recruited in future. For the schools, not only do they receive the training materials such as vehicle and engines, but they also benefit from automotive training programs equipped with the latest technologies. All of which can become their special curriculum to attract more students to study in their school. The school principal of SMKN 1 Cikarang Barat from Bekasi province expressed his hearty thanks, “Donation from KTB has motivated our students in their learning process, especially in practical of light vehicle technic studies. Therefore it can produce an excellent and reliable graduates that ready to work in automotive industry.”

KTB also works hand in hand with local government. On 6th May 2015, the President Director of KTB, Mr.Hisashi Ishimaki handed over training vehicles as donations to the Regent of Bekasi Regency, Mrs. Dr. HJ. Neneng Hasanah Yasin. The donation was forwarded to one of the Vocational High School – SMKN 1 Cikarang Pusat. During the ceremony, Mr.H.Ishimaki reiterated the importance of supporting education to the students, “Our CSR is to support education infrastructure and the quality of academic development in Indonesia. This is one of our efforts to educate the nation by improving human resources quality.”

KTB understands that commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an important element of good corporate citizenship. KTB has portrayed a positive image among the public. Along with the overwhelming response from the students, schools and government, KTB will continue its commitment in the future.

Currently there are 7 KRTC in Indonesia, which located in Bekasi, Kebumen, Mojokerto, Medan, Palembang, Makassar, and Banjarbaru. The chosen Vocational High School are mostly near to the 7 KRTC. “In order to fulfill our commitment, KTB intends to extend the training program to more areas in future”, said Ms.Meldawita, Head of Public Relations Section.


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