Since 1998, in partnership with local universities, Auto Alliance Thailand (AAT) has been conducting a student internship program every year. This program provides Thai students with the opportunities to develop professional automotive industrial skills (primarily engineering) during their education. It also provides an opportunity for the company to assess the skills of potential candidates prior to hiring them. In preparation for the internship conducted for two months from June to July, AAT begins student recruitment in cooperation with universities from as early as September of the previous year. After receiving the students’ resumes and related documents, AAT conducts the selection and interviews from November to December. The facilities preparation starts in January.


A Report on the 27th AAF/TC3-JAMA Meeting, Hanoi

Auto Alliance Thailand CSR activity – Internship Program



During the two months of training, the student interns record their daily working hours in the same way as AAT’s employees. They are provided with internship allowance, lunch, uniform, safety shoes, bus service, accident insurance, and health insurance through the AAT’s compensation system.

The internship program consists of 4 phases: Class Training, Self-Study, Off-the-Job, and On-the-Job.

The Class Training is an orientation conducted in the first 2 days. In Self-Study, the students will learn about the internship process based on AAT Profile and the preparation materials provided by AAT. In order to develop the students’ capabilities effectively, AAT places the importance on On-the-Job training. While in Off-the-Job training, the AAT trainer teaches students baseline knowledge of the workplace and project details, so that they can understand the contents of On-the-Job training in a short period of time. Through the use of knowledge from Off-the-Job training, the student interns proceed to On-the-Job training, and learn to resolve problems on their own. They are eventually required to make a presentation to AAT.

While the above internship is conducted for 3rd year university students during summer vacation, AAT also has a Co-operative Education program for 4th year students, which is conducted upon request from universities. The training period is 4 months, equivalent to one semester in the university. The students not only do On-the-Job training, they also make a report. The evaluation results will become a university grade point.

Over 19 years, from 1998 to 2017, 407 students have attended the internship program, and 32 students have attended the Co-operative Education program. In total, 439 students have attended AAT’s programs. Furthermore, a record 14 universities joined the program in 2017.

AAT expects that student interns will have a good impression of the company through their participation in these programs, and eventually return as AAT employees.
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A Report on the 27th AAF/TC3-JAMA Meeting, Hanoi


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