(INDONESIA) In order to promote road safety to Indonesian youth, PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales, a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation in Indonesia, has been conducting a Suzuki Safety Campaign – named ‘GESIT’ (Gerakan Suzuki Peduli Keselamatan) – for junior high school students. Until September 2017, this campaign had been conducted at five schools. On October 9th, Suzuki visited a 6th school, West Java Junior High School on their safety education campaign trail.


The 18th Meeting of AEM-METI Economic and Industrial Cooperation Committee (AMEICC) Working Group on Automobile Industry (WG-AI)

Suzuki Safety Campaign Promotes Youth Road Awareness in Indonesia



According to Indonesian police data, the number of traffic accidents has increased year-on-year, affecting mostly young people aged 15-19. One of the reasons is that young people do not have proper traffic safety education. The Suzuki Safety Campaign aims to inspire a young, smart, and safety-conscious generation, fostering safety and preventing traffic accidents.

The ‘GESIT’ programme has two goals:
1. Promote the use of safety features such as helmets, seat belts, air bags, etc
2. Educate road awareness and how to reduce the risk of traffic accidents

The programme features professional instructors from the Safety Defensive Consultant Indonesia (SDCI). During the event, one of the instructors, Mr. Sony Susmana, stressed the importance of helmets for motorcycle passengers, and explained why car passengers must wear seatbelts. Mr. Sony also gave safety campaign demonstrations that taught important lessons, such as the correct vehicle riding position.

In order to keep students engaged, the instructors encouraged students to take part in the demonstrations. They also had the opportunity to join the instructors as car and motorcycle passengers and participated in games about Suzuki products.

The Head of Strategic Planning Department, Mr. Uchiki said, “As awareness about the importance of road safety grows, the number of accidents involving young people will decrease. Held regularly throughout the year, this important Corporate Social Responsibility programme is creating a generation that takes road safety seriously.”

Conducted in 10 schools twice a month, the Suzuki Safety Campaign will run through March 2018 at schools near the four business locations such as Pulogadung, Cakung, Tambun and Cikarang.

This Corporate Social Responsibility programme is just a start. Suzuki hopes to visit other Asian countries to promote Japanese production methods, introduce advanced technologies and conduct further programmes to teach road safety awareness.
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The 18th Meeting of AEM-METI Economic and Industrial Cooperation Committee (AMEICC) Working Group on Automobile Industry (WG-AI)


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