On November 10, 2017, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) announced the launch of ‘Toyota Driving School’ (TDS) in Chennai. The school is managed by one of Toyota’s dealerships, Harsha Toyota, and is their second TDS facility (also the 2nd driving school in Chennai, Tamil Nadu) and the company’s eighth driving school across India.

Road accidents in India are taking its toll over the years with increasing number of vehicles hitting the Indian roads. Giving an insight into the causes of road accidents,it’s alarming to note the driver behavior

A Report on the ISEA & RACE Meeting, Manila

Launching the 8th Toyota Driving School in India (Second in Chennai – Tamil Nadu)



contributes as much as 75% to accidents. The irresponsible driving habits of drivers such as speeding, usage of mobile phones while driving, etc. lead to an increasing number of accidents.

To improve road safety culture in the country, the first driving school was inaugurated at Kochi in March 2015. Presently, TKM has driving schools across India at Kochi, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Faridabad and Vijayawada. India being a diversified country, each state has its own regulations to meet the driving conditions. TKM understands and operates driving schools to bring these regulations in line with the curriculum.

Being a part of company’s vision of ‘Safest Car with Safest Driver’, TDS focuses on the extreme importance of making every student a responsible and safe driver. Toyota strongly believes that development of a responsible road user with the right attitude effectively contributes towards making roads safer for all to use. With this focus in mind, Toyota has developed this driving school with a comprehensive driver training program that boasts high quality, practical and futuristic training models like the driver simulator mechanism which is expected to deliver the ‘Etios Experience’. To make this experience as realistic as possible, Toyota has incorporated features like Instrument Panel (IP), Steering, and Seats of an actual Etios car.

The curriculum will comprehensively cover the following topics:
1.   Traffic management, rules and discipline
2.   Safe and right driving concepts
3.   Manners and responsibilities of a driver
4.   Simulation of driving on real vehicle before getting into road
5.   All aspects of practical driving on road
6.   Driving on various road and climate conditions
7.   Know your car – Basic maintenance and repairs
8.   Emergency handling
9.   Systematic evaluation and feedback

The simulator (above No.4), a key part of the teaching program, has several merits:
•  It is the first car simulator in India with Full High Definition computer graphics in an immersive Curved Projection environment.
•  It is the first simulator in India with a real complete car cabin along with actual car gears.
•  In addition, it also offers extensive local language support for effective training and extensive sessions for both novice and advance drivers.
•  Also trainers get to learn driving in different climatic conditions i.e., rainy, foggy, day and night time, uphill, etc.

TDS has the best know-how for driving school in Toyota Japan. The TDS module adopts the best practices of International Standards followed in Chubu Nippon Driver School – a unique model in Japan for driver training and research. The same standards were used to train instructors.

Commenting on this new Toyota Driving School launch, Mr. M. Harshaverdhan, Dealer Principal of Harsha Toyota said, “According to studies conducted by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Tamil Nadu is one of the states which has witnessed the largest number of road accidents last year, and Chennai as the city with most dangerous roads, as it recorded 7,486 accidents in 2016. This is a matter of serious concern and demands greater focus on road safety, to create awareness among citizens to be responsible road users. With this initiative, we hope to address this issue by instilling responsible road behavior in each of our students and make safe and sensible driving an everyday habit for drivers in the city.”

Speaking at the occasion Mr. N Raja, Senior Vice President & Director (Sales and Marketing) – Toyota Kirloskar Motor said, “Giving insight into the cause of road accidents, human error accounts to be one of the single largest cause for the alarming rate of road accidents and casualties in India, and setting up good quality driving schools is one of the best solutions to address it. What we need is safety education in a systematic manner to improve behavior of road users.”

With the launch of TDS across in India, the company aims to bring down the rising number of road accidents. The training module will integrate technical expertise along with enhancing behavioral skills to create awareness about safety nationwide. TDS has till date enrolled over 3,000 students. By 2020 the company plans to run 50 such schools across India, voicing their traffic safety commitment, louder.

In pursuance of its deep rooted safety mission, TKM has been carrying out various safety initiatives. Apart from the commitment to building the safest cars, the company initiated the Toyota Safety Education Program (TSEP) in 2007 which aims at educating school children and teachers through phase-wise approach on important aspects of road safety and eventually passing on the learning to the general public. Toyota has educated around 680,000 school children on road safety across India until now.

To ensure the safest drivers on Indian roads, TKM also has been conducting similar Drive Training Programs & Health Check-Up camps for airport taxi drivers in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi International Airport since 2014 under its CSR Initiatives on road safety awareness with over 6,000 drivers participating in the campaign till date. Through this initiative, Toyota aims at inculcating a strong road safety sense amongst the drivers, and encourages them to adopt safer driving practices while on roads. Going forward, Toyota would like to explore more such opportunities to engage people at large scales, to promote & prioritize safety in everyone’s lives through various safety initiatives to build a responsible society.

For social contribution, Toyota has undertaken over 200 CSR programs in Asia over the years in the areas of road safety, environment, education, arts and culture, and community services. The company would like to continue to carry out numerous programs in a variety of areas to support the sustainable development and growth in each country.

In India, TKM wishes to continue CSR activities through Toyota Technical Training Institute (established 2007) and many other initiatives including sanitation projects and water purification projects in India.

For more information on TKM’s CSR activities, please visit the following link:

TDS Logo Launch Car Unveiling Facility Inauguration Simulator


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