The 28th AAF/TC3 (ASEAN Automotive Federation Technical Committee 3 for 4 wheelers)-Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) Meeting, the most important auto-industry technical forum in Southeast Asia between ASEAN and Japan auto-industry regulatory experts, was held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 21 ~ 23 March 2018. The following gives a snapshot of the outcomes from the meeting.

Environment and Fuel Regulations (WG1)

A Brief Report on the 28th AAF/TC3-JAMA Meeting, Yogyakarta

Mitsubishi Motors and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources join forces on Plantation Convergence Project in the Philippines



JAMA took the opportunity to present its supplementary statements on metal additives in Euro 4 Fuel Gasoline, and share the market fuel quality survey of the region and the concept of PM index.

Regarding the metal additives in Euro 4 Fuel Gasoline, JAMA recommended that Fuel Additives should not be permitted as this would affect the performance of emission systems. JAMA also shared the fuel quality survey history of the market from 2011 to 2017. On this survey, it is noted that out-of-spec fuels were found among market fuels in ASEAN nations.

On another supplementary statement, JAMA presented the concept of particulate matter (PM) index which is a useful identifier when evaluating fuel quality for particle number (PN) emission potential. JAMA reiterated that by improving both of vehicle technology and fuel quality are crucial for better air quality.

The information were acknowledged by AAF/TC3 members, and WG1 members were encouraged to utilise the information sharing to elevate and ascertain the industry's position in Government meetings in the future.

Certification (WG2) & ASEAN MRA
The meeting acknowledged the JAMA presentation on Vehicle definition under UNR0 (IWVTA) comparing to national / regional type approval scheme, and recommended to consider the transposition of IWVTA vehicle type definition when WVTA under ASEAN MRA is established in the future. On top of this, members shared and agreed that the definition of vehicle categories of National Type Approval (NTA) should be linked with vehicle category of UN regulation when implementing UN regulation.

Regarding the review of ASEAN MRA, the meeting agreed as following:
(1) Technical Services shall be accepted under ASEAN MRA regardless of whether the Technical Services is located inside or outside ASEAN.
(2) The meeting considered the acceptance of the UN Regulation as an alternative of domestic regulation. However, in the case of domestic regulation being more stringent than the UN Regulation, members are requesting JAMA for advice.

In the last session of WG2, Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers' Association (VAMA) shared its latest development of new Vietnam Regulation Decree 116 and Circular 031. Members showed their concerns and requested VAMA to update the movement regularly.

UN Regulations Adoption and Safety (WG3)
The WG3 confirmed that there are new safety regulation movements in ASEAN region with respective AAF/TC3 member association since last meeting in September in Hanoi, Vietnam.
JAMA presented an update of 174th WR29 meeting and activities held between 13 and 16 March 2018. Members acknowledged the amendment of UNRs related to ASEAN MRA.

Venue and Date of Next AAF/TC3-JAMA Meeting
The next meeting of the 29th AAF/TC3-JAMA Meeting is expected to be held in Tokyo, Japan in September 2018.

1The Decree no. 116 on requirements for manufacturing, assembly and import of motor vehicles and trade in motor vehicle warranty and maintenance services, issued on October 2017. The Circular no.03 was issued to guide the implementation of Decree 116 on technical and environmental safety inspection of imported vehicles.


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Article 2:
Mitsubishi Motors and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources join forces on Plantation Convergence Project in the Philippines


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