Report: 29th AAF/TC3 (TC5) – JAMA Meeting, Tokyo The 29th AAF/TC3 (TC5) (ASEAN Automotive Federation Technical Committee 3 for 4 wheelers & Committee 5 for 2 wheelers) – JAMA (Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association) Meeting was recently held in Tokyo, Japan on 11-12 September 2018.

This is the most important auto-industry technical forum between ASEAN and Japan auto-industry regulatory experts, and it’s important you stay abreast of developments. The following is a brief summary of the meeting and its outcomes.

Report: 29th AAF/TC3 (TC5)
– JAMA Meeting, Tokyo

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Environment and Fuel Regulations (WG1)
JAMA took the opportunity to present its supplementary statements on JAMA’s global collaboration in revising World Wide Fuel Charter (WWFC) for continual improvement of both diesel and gasoline quality and lubricants, and also to address new energy fuels available in the market.

JAMA also discussed the latest information and recommendations on UN regulations of R28 (audible warning devices), R138 (QRTV with regard to their reduced audibility), R51 (Noise), R117 (Tyres with regard to rolling sound emissions) and R59 (replacement silencing system). JAMA emphasized the importance of thorough discussion of these regulations.

WG1 members acknowledged the latest information and will share with their respective government bodies.

Certification (WG2)
The meeting acknowledged the outcome of the 20th Task Force for the Mutual Recognition of Approval (MRA) and the 27th ACCSQ-APWG* meeting. Although there is no significant outcome on the MRA, members agreed to continue to promote the AAF’s stance on the definition of “ASEAN Automotive Product” to APWG. AAF supports ASEAN MRA implementation and the industry stakeholders would like the MRA to be implemented as soon as possible with the 10 harmonised UN Regulations in phase 1. The remaining 9 UN Regulations that have not yet been harmonized will be implemented after the timeline has been agreed among government officials.

The meeting discussed and considered vehicle type definitions, test report formats and worst case selection for ASEAN MRA; and concluded as follows:
(1) The meeting agreed that vehicle type definitions shall be referred to respective UN Regulations.
(2) The meeting agreed to refer the UN-R test report and that it was unnecessary to create a new common format of the test report.
(3) The meeting recognised the importance of worst case selection in vehicle testing in order to establish meaningful compliance and called for further discussion among members of each association. JAMA was asked to provide guidance information of worst case selection for UN regulations defined under ASEAN MRA.

UN-R Adoption and Safety (WG3)
The WG3 confirmed that since the last meeting, new safety regulation movements have developed among member associations in the ASEAN region.

JAMA presented an update of the 175th WP29 meeting and activities held between 19 and 22 June 2018. Members acknowledged the amendment of UNRs related to ASEAN MRA.

JAMA was asked to provide the latest information on Electric and Autonomous Vehicles at the next meeting, with a focus on world regulations implementation and technology development.

Venue and Date of Next AAF/TC3 (TC5)-JAMA Meeting
The next meeting of the 30th AAF/TC3 (TC5)-JAMA meeting is expected to be held in Myanmar in March 2019.

* ACCSG-APWG refers to the ASEAN Consultative Committee for Standards and Quality-Automotive Product Working Group under the umbrella of the ASEAN Economic Minister Meeting.


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