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Issue No. 3, 2006

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JAMA Annual Reception: Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the launch of the partnership with the European Union

On 3 July 2006, JAMA held its eleventh annual reception in the historical setting of the Royal Museum of Art and History.  The reception was hosted by JAMA’s new chairman since May 2006, Mr Fujio Cho, who is also chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation.  This year’s annual reception coincided with the 20th anniversary of the launch of the partnership with the European Union.

Two Decades of Contribution to the Competitiveness of the European Auto Industry

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the start of Japanese automakers’ production activities in Europe with the ‘greenfield’ launch of manufacturing operations in the United Kingdom in 1986.  Over the past two decades, JAMA member companies have invested €14.8 billion in European production and R&D facilities, in the belief that automobiles should be built where they are sold in order to best meet local consumer needs.  In 2005, Japanese manufacturers produced 1.37 million vehicles in the EU.

(Click here for a link to JAMA’s 2006 report on Japanese automakers in the EU)

Tokyo Motor Show 2007

JAMA recently announced the details for the 40th Tokyo Motor Show, which will be held over 17 days from 26 October through 11 November 2007.  The ‘new-style comprehensive show’ will cover the whole automotive range of passenger cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, commercial vehicle bodies, and vehicle parts.

Car Trends in Japan

by Peter Nunn

Analysing the wants and needs of Japan’s car owners and buyers is no easy task, but JAMA recently put together a comprehensive survey to do just that.