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Issue No. 4, 2006

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Restructuring Passenger Car Taxation in the EU?

There is currently no harmonised system for the taxation of passenger cars in the European Union.  However, on 5 July 2005, the European Commission presented a proposal for a Council Directive requiring that EU Member States restructure their car taxation systems.  According to the proposed Directive, passenger car registration taxes would be gradually abolished over a period of 5-10 years and compensated for by Member States with increases in annual circulation taxes.  JAMA fully supports the Commission’s initiative.

EU Production Up by 9.7% in 2005 Fiscal Year

During fiscal 2005 (April 2005 through March 2006 in Japan), JAMA members produced 1,420,391 vehicles in the EU25, which equates to a 9.7% growth from the previous fiscal year (up from 1,295,259 units).  For the first time, Japanese automakers’ total overseas production exceeded domestic production.  This performance coincides with the 20th anniversary of the first Japanese car built in the European Union. 

SAE J2727—Simpler Leakage Test for the MAC Directive

Directive 2006/40/EC relating to emissions from air-conditioning systems in motor vehicles requires manufacturers to ensure that, from certain dates, leakages from those air-conditioning systems do not exceed 40grams/60 grams of fluorinated greenhouse gas per year.  It also indicates that by 4 July 2007, the Commission will adopt a harmonised leakage detection test for measuring leakage rates.  JAMA believes that a revised SAE J-2727 will provide a simple and cost-effective leak measurement test that will enable manufacturers to fully comply with the MAC Directive’s requirements.

Time machines

By Peter Nunn

There are not many cars around today that have been in production for 40 years and are still topping the sales charts. This article looks at Japanese production landmarks and some of the models that will celebrate their 40th anniversary this year.