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Issue No. 5, 2006

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JAMA members pursue their efforts towards CO2 reductions

The European Commission’s sixth annual report on its "Strategy to Reduce CO2 Emissions from Cars" was published in August 2006. The Commission confirms that JAMA, KAMA and ACEA have, during the period 1998 to 2004, met all of their obligations as set out in their voluntary commitments. However, JAMA warns that the 2009 target remains extremely ambitious, both technically and economically. JAMA also maintains that significantly reducing CO2 emissions from cars requires an integrated approach, involving vehicle manufacturers, governments and vehicle users. 

European, Japanese and U.S. heavy-duty vehicle and engine manufacturers meet in Hanover

The fourth Global Commercial Vehicle Industry meeting took place in Hanover on 20 September 2006, bringing together the chief executive officers of the world's leading manufacturers of heavy-duty vehicles and engines from Europe, Japan and the United States to discuss current and future issues facing the industry.

JAMA’s vision for hydrogen-powered automobiles

The European Commission is expected to propose a new law on harmonised "testing requirements" for the type approval of hydrogen-powered motor vehicles in the latter part of 2007. The proposed law is expected to facilitate the approval and market entry of vehicles using hydrogen and to reinforce consumer confidence in this new technology. JAMA has engaged with the Commission during the drafting of this new legislation and has presented a set of key messages, which it hopes will be taken into consideration.

JAMA Guidebook

By Peter Nunn

For a long while now, anyone wanting to know about the Japanese car industry and, in particular, about the many different models on sale in Japan has had one annual 'bible' to turn to. That bible, of course, is the automotive "guidebook" published each year by JAMA.