Association, Inc.

Issue No. 2, 2007

Common Challenges, Common Future
The Contribution of Japanese Auto Manufacturers
to the Competitiveness of Europe's Motor Industry brochure common challenges

For more than twenty years, Japanese automobile manufacturers have been contributing to the vitality of Europe's automotive industry by designing and building cars in the European market to meet the requirements of local consumers.

The 2007 edition of JAMA's publication Common Challenges, Common Future provides facts and figures on JAMA members' production, R&D, investment and employment activities in Europe.

The figures reveal that in 2006 Japanese automakers:

  1. Invested a cumulative 15.9 billion euros in European production and R&D facilities;
  2. Produced over 1.5 million units;
  3. Operated a total of 16 manufacturing plants and 13 R&D centres in the EU and purchased 13.19 billion euros' worth of EU-made parts;
  4. Accounted for 162,000 jobs across Europe; and
  5. Exported a total of 121,713 units produced in the EU.

Japanese auto manufacturers are clearly making a significant contribution to the strength of Europe’s motor industry.

The publication also features a section on JAMA members' European parts procurement (which includes a summary review of the JAMA-CLEPA Business Conference) and charts the ties between European and Japanese automakers.

Key developments for JAMA members in 2006-2007 include the following milestones: