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Issue No. 4, 2007

JAMA hosts the Global Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Industry Meetings

Two global meetings brought the leaders of the world’s major motor vehicle manufacturers to Japan to discuss, on October 24 and 25, key issues facing the industry. The Global Automotive Industry Meeting and the Global Commercial Vehicle Industry Meeting took place at Makuhari (Chiba Pref.), in conjunction with the 40th Tokyo Motor Show.  It was the fifth meeting for not only the passenger car but also the commercial vehicle manufacturers, and the first time for both groups to meet concurrently at the same function. Leaders of prominent Japanese automakers chaired the meetings.

The 5th Global Automotive Industry Meeting

The 5th Global Automotive Industry Meeting brought together auto industry leaders from Europe, the USA and Japan on the occasion of this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.  Representatives of ACEA (the European Automobile Manufacturers Association), the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and JAMA also participated.

Mr Fujio Cho

JAMA Chairman Fujio Cho (Chairman, Toyota)

Chairing the meeting, Toyota Motor Corporation Chairman Fujio Cho led the participants’ discussions on climate change, road safety and global fuel regulations—the most urgent issues now facing the passenger car industry worldwide.

CEOs from across the sector acknowledged the critical importance of addressing climate change and energy security issues.  They also emphasised that these issues must be addressed on the basis of an integrated approach, involving not only manufacturers but also government, the energy industry and vehicle users.

The 5th Global Commercial Vehicle Industry Meeting

Chaired by Susumu Hosoi, CEO of Isuzu Motors Limited, this meeting brought together the chief executives of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy-duty vehicles and engines to discuss a range of issues facing their industry, including greater fuel economy, road safety, fuel quality and harmonised emissions test procedures.

Recognising that climate change must be addressed from a global perspective, participants expressed their full support for the work undertaken in UN/ECE/Working Party 29 on regulatory harmonisation to enhance the environmental performance of heavy-duty vehicles and welcomed the new initiative regarding the upgrading and harmonisation of fuel quality to reduce CO2 emissions.

In addition to the participation of the industry leaders, the Global Commercial Vehicle Industry Meeting was attended by top executives from the US-based Truck Manufacturers Association and Engine Manufacturers Association and by member delegates and staff from ACEA and JAMA.

WP29 Deputy Chairman Bernard Gauvin addressed the Global CV Meeting

Next  Meetings

The 6th Global Automotive Industry meeting is planned for January 2009 in Detroit, Michigan, on the occasion of the North American International Auto Show.  The 6th Global Commercial Vehicle Industry Meeting is scheduled to take place on 8 October 2008, also in the US.

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