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Issue No. 4, 2007

JAMA hosts Global Commercial Vehicle and Automotive Industry meetings

JAMA hosts the Global Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Industry Meetings On 24-25 October 2007, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association hosted the 5th Global Vehicle Industry Meeting and the 5th Commercial Vehicle Industry Meeting in Makuhari, Japan. The meetings brought together chief executives from the world’s leading manufacturers of passenger and commercial vehicles to discuss a range of issues facing their industry.

JAMA responds to the Commission Public Consultation on proposals for a new Regulation on Advanced Safety Features and Tyres

JAMA responded in October to the European Commission’s consultation on advanced safety features and tyres. The Consultation exercise sought to gather the views of all interested parties on proposals for an integrated Regulation concerning tyre noise and rolling resistance limits, as well as the timing and feasibility issues concerning the introduction of advanced vehicle systems.

JAMA addresses the Forum for the Automobile and Society - “How much can the integrated approach contribute to Europe’s cars CO2 policy?”

On 27 November, the Forum for the Automobile and Society hosted a conference on the contribution which the integrated approach will make to reducing CO2 emissions for cars. Hiroki Ota, Director General of JAMA EUROPE, highlighted Japan’s experience of the “integrated approach” so far.

2007’s New models

by Peter Nunn

As 2008 gets under way, we can surely look forward to another busy and productive year from the Japanese car industry.  New models will flow thick and fast, as they always do in Japan, filling just about every segment. Even so, the coming year will have to go some to top 2007 which will go down as one of the all-time classic years for new Japanese cars.