Association, Inc.

Issue No. 2, 2008

New chairman hosts JAMA’s annual reception in Brussels on 1 July 2008

The 13th annual JAMA reception took place at the Residence Palace in Brussels on 1 July with over 180 participants.  JAMA’s new chairman Mr Satoshi Aoki (also Chairman of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.) hosted the event, welcoming key actors from the EU Institutions, EU Member States and industry.  Remarks at this year’s reception focussed on the challenges of climate change and globalisation, and JAMA was honoured to welcome Ms Petra Erler, Head of Cabinet, DG Enterprise, as its distinguished guest speaker.

Looking to the Future: JAMA publishes an updated report on CO2 emissions

JAMA has issued an update of its report on CO2 emissions entitled Looking to the Future.  This report explains JAMA’s position in regard to the European Commission’s new strategy on CO2 emissions and examines Japan’s approach to road-transport CO2 emissions reduction, as well as Japanese automakers’ CO2-related efforts made so far.

JAMA publishes the 2008 edition of Common Challenges, Common FutureJapanese Auto Manufacturers Contribute to the Competitiveness of Europe’s Motor Industry

Japanese automakers continue to expand their scale of contribution to the EU economy and employment in the European community through a wide range of activities related to their supply of high-quality products to European consumers.

This year’s edition of Common Challenges, Common Future provides the latest facts and figures on JAMA members' production, R&D, investment and employment activities across Europe.

Feature article: ‘Japan’s Super GT series’

by Peter Nunn

‘In the world of motor racing,’ writes Peter Nunn, ‘Formula One is top of the tree.  In Japan, however, there’s another race series that’s also hugely popular, one with a big reputation for serving up terrific racing.  Welcome to Japan’s Super GT series.’