Association, Inc.

Issue No. 3, 2008

JAMA responds to the Commission's Evaluation Report on motor vehicle distribution and servicing

In May this year the European Commission released a report on Regulation 1400/2002 addressing motor vehicle block exemption.  In its recent submission to the Commission on this issue, JAMA welcomed the Evaluation Report as a 'sound analysis of the significant and positive evolution of the EU motor vehicle market during the term of Regulation 1400/2002', but concurred with the Commission’s assessment that the Regulation's complex nature has to some extent constrained its objectives.

JAMA comments on the CARS 21 Mid-Term Review

The European Commission launched its mid-term review of the CARS 21 initiative this past July, with a broad stakeholder consultation.  In response, JAMA expressed once again its support for all aspects of the CARS 21 agenda.  JAMA specifically endorsed the simplification of the regulatory environment and the need for adequate lead times and regulatory predictability (Better Regulation), as well as the development of a comprehensive approach to environmental and safety measures involving the participation of industry, government and vehicle users (Integrated Approach).

JAMA-CLEPA to hold their 10th Business Conference in 2009 in Ljubljana

The 10th JAMA-CLEPA Business Conference will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 2 to 5 June 2009.  Every 18 months or so since 1995, this gathering has provided a unique opportunity to create strong business relationships between Japanese automobile manufacturers and European parts suppliers.

Feature article: Japan's latest eco-vehicles

Peter Nunn reviews selected contributions of individual manufacturers to Japan's fast-paced, world-leading ‘green car revolution’.