Association, Inc.

Issue No. 3, 2008

JAMA-CLEPA to hold their 10th Business Conference in June 2009 in Ljubljana

Since its inception 13 years ago, the JAMA-CLEPA Business Conference has provided a unique opportunity to create strong business relationships between Japanese vehicle manufacturers and European parts suppliers.

The conferences have seen key decision-makers, purchasers and engineers from all the Japanese manufacturers come together in one single location.  Participants are able not only to develop and strengthen commercial relations through face-to-face meetings, but also to establish informal contacts in a business-friendly and confidential environment.

The first JAMA-CLEPA Business Conference was held in Paris in 1995.  Since then, JAMA and CLEPA have jointly organised this event roughly every 18 months. 


The JAMA-CLEPA gatherings have played a significant role in expanding the scale of Japanese-European business partnerships.  It is now estimated that European suppliers deliver more than 80% of the value of the parts used at the European production facilities of Japanese automakers.

The 10th JAMA-CLEPA Business Conference will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 2 to 5 June 2009.  Online registration is open at www.jama-clepa.com until 15 December 2008.