Association, Inc.

Issue No. 1, 2009

JAMA comments on European Parliament’s endorsement of the Regulation on CO2 emissions from cars

The proposed EU Regulation on CO2 emissions from cars was endorsed by the European Parliament on 17 December 2008 by an overwhelming majority of 559 votes in favour. The regulatory text mandates that CO2 emissions from new cars be restricted to 130 g/km on a progressive basis from 2012 to 2015; that penalties be imposed on carmakers exceeding stipulated limits; and that emission credits be awarded to individual manufacturers for equipping vehicles with eco-innovations.

The proposed legislation also foresees a long-term average CO2 emissions target of 95 g/km for the new car fleet beginning in 2020. This target remains a matter of concern to JAMA members.

Commission amendments to exemptions from the ELV 'heavy metal ban'

The third EU Decision amending Annex II to the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive was adopted on 1 August 2008, redefining the materials that are exempted from the heavy metal ban decreed by that document.  The European Commission is now preparing its fourth revision of the ELV Directive.

European, Japanese and US heavy-duty engine and vehicle manufacturers call for a global approach to improved fuel efficiency and fuel quality

Chief executives of the world's leading heavy-duty engine and vehicle manufacturing companies met on 8 October 2008 in New Orleans to discuss the challenges facing their industry. 

Discussions focussed on the critical issues of climate change and global energy security.  The executives agreed that addressing those issues would require developing effective fuel-efficiency measurement metrics and methodologies, as well as global fuel regulations.  Global air-quality emissions standards, renewable fuels, and road and vehicle safety were also discussed.

Feature Article: Japanese Theme Colours

Dazzling colours of all shades now adorn the motoring landscape in Japan, reports Peter Nunn.