Association, Inc.

Issue No.3, 2009

JAMA comments on Japan’s mid-term greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal

Although the Japanese government’s 2020 greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal announced in June poses a tough challenge, JAMA member companies will nevertheless make every effort to help ensure its achievement.  However, JAMA believes that further significant reductions of CO2 in road transport require an integrated approach involving measures taken by relevant stakeholders throughout the sector.  JAMA also holds that any post-Kyoto international agreement must include all major emitter countries and ensure fair international competition.  Meanwhile, JAMA is calling on the Japanese government to adopt a comprehensive set of measures to effectively promote the widespread use of next-generation vehicles.

JAMA welcomes the Japan-Switzerland Free Trade and Economic Partnership Agreement

JAMA welcomes the conclusion earlier this year of the Free Trade and Economic Partnership Agreement between Japan and Switzerland, which establishes a new, solid basis for closer ties between the two countries.  As stressed by the respective governments, the agreement provides the underpinnings for closer cooperation in international fora and in their economic relations with third countries, in order to better respond to global challenges such as protectionist pressures.  JAMA and its individual member companies see this agreement as an impetus for enhancing relations with Europe and European partners. 

Announcing the 41st Tokyo Motor Show 2009

Despite the global economic slowdown, the Tokyo Motor Show remains a primary source of information on the latest products and technologies on the international vehicle market.   Under the slogan “Fun Driving for Us, Eco Driving for Earth”, its 41st edition will be held this year from October 23 through November 4.  The organisers have planned a number of new events for this year’s show, including hands-on passenger car and motorcycle test-drive programmes and a special exhibit celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Car of the Year Japan award.

Japan’s New Hybrids

Peter Nunn looks at new hybrid models in Japan now (or soon to be) riding high in popularity.