Association, Inc.

Issue No. 4, 2009

JAMA publishes the 2009 edition of Common Challenges, Common Future—Japanese Auto Manufacturers Contribute to the Competitiveness of Europe’s Motor Industry

Despite the challenges posed by the global economic downturn, Japanese automakers continue to contribute to the EU economy and employment in the European community through a broad range of activities related to their supply of high-quality products to European consumers.

The 2009 edition of Common Challenges, Common Future provides the latest facts and figures on JAMA members’ investment, production, parts-purchasing, R&D and employment activities across Europe.

The figures show that in 2008 Japanese automakers in Europe:

The publication also describes the following major developments for JAMA members in Europe in 2009:

Having invested heavily in the development of new technologies for next-generation vehicles, JAMA members are currently working to expand the number of hybrid models available on the market and will introduce not only electric but also plug-in hybrid vehicles in the very near future.

JAMA members intend to continue contributing to the competitiveness of Europe’s automotive industry in the years ahead.