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Issue No. 4, 2009

JAMA invites policy experts and the industry to discuss tackling climate change

In partnership with the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, JAMA held a symposium on CO2 emissions reduction in road transport on 30 September 2009 in Brussels.  The event brought together EU and Japanese officials and industry representatives interested in discussing the primary challenge facing the road transport sector today in achieving sustainable mobility.

JAMA comments on the European Commission's proposals concerning future motor vehicle block exemption provisions

At the end of September 2009 JAMA submitted to the European Commission its comments on the policy options currently under discussion at the EU level concerning the future of the motor vehicle block exemption.

JAMA fully endorses the proposal to apply the general block exemption regime of Regulation 2790/1999 to the automotive sector, as this would give an important new level of flexibility to the sector and help it to respond to the prevailing economic conditions and thus enhance competition.

JAMA publishes the 2009 edition of Common Challenges, Common Future

This annual JAMA publication offers an overview of JAMA members’ contributions to the competitiveness of Europe’s automotive industry, providing facts and figures which are summarised here.

Feature article: Update on Japan's vehicle scrapping and purchasing incentives

Peter Nunn further explains Japan’s incentives and takes a brief look at their impact on the domestic market.