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Issue No. 1, 2010

European, Japanese and American heavy-duty vehicle and engine manufacturers call for global policy cooperation to improve energy efficiency of road freight transport

At their seventh annual meeting in Brussels on the 3rd of December, the chief executives of JAMA members Hino, Isuzu, Mitsubishi Fuso, and Nissan Diesel joined with their counterparts from other leading global heavy-duty vehicle and engine manufacturers to urge policy makers in Japan, Europe and the United States to act in harmony to improve the energy efficiency of road freight transport.

Discussions focused on climate change, energy security, air quality-related emissions standards, fuel quality and renewable fuels specifications. JAMA members, along with members of ACEA, the Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) and the Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA), stated their intention to encourage policy cooperation in these fields and offer their expertise so as to ensure that regulation enhances the industry’s technological progress within realistic time and economic constraints.

The main issue is ensuring that in a global marketplace, manufacturers avoid conflicting regulations in different regions. This imposes excessive and unnecessary burdens on industry and hampers technological progress, which is essential if industry is to rapidly develop sustainable fuel and engine technologies.

Key topics addressed during the meeting included:

Further to the meeting, it was agreed to proceed with the initiation (through OICA) of a proposal to UNECE for developing a certification procedure of heavy-duty vehicles based upon the Hardware-in-the Loop Simulation (HILS) procedure used in Japan and to ask UNECE to tackle this issue as a priority.

Moreover, manufacturers also agreed to recommend legislative requirements on market fuels, ensuring availability of high-quality fossil and renewable fuels. The commercial vehicle industry will work with the oil industry to underline the importance of this issue.

The eighth Global Commercial Vehicle Industry meeting is expected to take place in the USA in 2010.