Association, Inc.

Issue No. 1, 2010

JAMA welcomes the new College of EU Commissioners as it takes office

JAMA wishes to extend its welcome to the new College of Commissioners, and looks forward to continuing its cooperation with the European Commission on a range of issues.
JAMA recommends several areas for action for the next five years. While encouraging the extension of support schemes allowing the industry a sustainable economic recovery, the Commission should continue with the CARS 21 initiative. Furthermore, the EU and Japan should take the lead in the global discussions on the harmonisation of vehicle regulations and pursue greater economic cooperation.

Integrated approach in road transport

The 2009 annual policy event of the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers focused on sustainable freight transport. On this occasion Mr. Masahiko Naito of the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism presented to EU stakeholders the Japanese policy framework in this area.
Thanks to the integrated approach incorporating vehicle technology, traffic management, logistics and mobility management, freight transport in Japan in the past years increased in volume while cutting its emissions. This proves that CO2 reduction in road transport is indeed challenging but is feasible thorough the implementation of the best mix of policy tools, which is also one of the conclusions of a recent seminar on CO2 reduction solutions in road transport organised by global automakers at the COP 15 climate change conference in Copenhagen on 14 December.

European, Japanese and American heavy-duty vehicle and engine manufacturers call for global policy cooperation to improve energy efficiency of road freight transport

JAMA members, along with European and American manufacturers of heavy-duty vehicles and engines, called for global policy cooperation to improve energy efficiency of road freight transport.
At their seventh annual meeting taking place on 3 December in Brussels the chief executives of leading manufacturers highlighted the need for harmonised regulations on fuel efficiency across marketplaces. This will streamline the regulatory framework and create the basis for global sustainable growth in the freight transport industry.

Feature article: Japan's New Small Cars
By Peter Nunn

Small cars have long played a big part in Japan’s way of life. As the new decade starts, another fresh wave of tiny tots are ready to roll.