Association, Inc.

Issue No. 2, 2010

JAMA welcomes the EU ministers’ decision on green vehicles

JAMA welcomes the EU Council’s decision to consider its upcoming European strategy on clean and energy-efficient vehicles currently under preparation by the European Commission.
JAMA strongly believes that the outcome of the recent policy discussions is indeed an important step in the right direction.

Moving towards an efficient and integrated transport network

In the context of the ongoing discussions on the Europe 2020 Strategy, the European Commission believes that the decarbonisation of the transportation sector is a key element for promoting greener and socially inclusive growth at the EU level.

JAMA agrees that the newly-proposed strategy opens up new opportunities to boost the EU’s competitiveness. At the same time, the JAMA members strongly support the adoption of an integrated approach which, together with a good mix of policies, would help achieve this goal.

Progress in reducing CO2 emissions from cars

The European Commission published its 2008 monitoring report on CO2 emissions from new passenger cars in the EU. The data provided by Member States and the industry, including JAMA, demonstrate a clear improvement in the CO2 emissions from cars.

JAMA is delighted to see that the members’ investment in innovative technologies is showing positive results and that the industry is on the right track.

Japanese Car Museums
By Peter Nunn

Japanese cars, and the industry that supports them, are mostly about today and tomorrow. Japan’s car makers have not forgotten their heritage or about the models that helped put them on the map.

There are several outstanding manufacturer museums to be found in and around Japan, nearly all are open to the public and are fascinating places to visit for enthusiasts and families alike.