Association, Inc.

Issue No. 3, 2010

JAMA publishes the 2010 brochure on Japanese auto manufacturers' contribution to the EU economy

The global economic slowdown and the urgent need to address climate change have posed many challenges for the automotive industry, with the economic situation complicating efforts to remain competitive while reshaping the sector in the drive towards low-carbon road transport.

JAMA members are committed to conducting production activities where there is demand, and they contribute to European economies through their EU-based operations, while introducing to EU markets vehicles that meet a wide range of user needs.

This year's edition of Common Challenges, Common Future provides the latest facts and figures on JAMA members' production, research-and development (R&D), investment and employment activities across Europe.

The figures show that in 2009 Japanese automakers in Europe:

JAMA members' EU production units has surpassed the number of exports from Japan since 2001, and now the number of EU-produced units double the number of those exported from Japan.  In short, JAMA members act as European companies.

The publication also describes the following major development for JAMA members in Europe in 2009.

Japanese automakers are very actively involved in the fight to combat climate change through their commitment to reducing CO2 emissions.  To this end, they have been making comprehensive investments in the EU and globally to develop technologies for enhanced fuel efficiency and next-generation alternative-energy vehicles.

JAMA members are therefore committed to continuously contributing to the European economy and further growth of the automobile industry through their EU-based operations.

The new brochure is available here.