Association, Inc.

Issue No. 4, 2010

JAMA supports stronger EU-Japan economic integration

JAMA has submitted to the European Commission its views on the future of EU trade policy. JAMA believes that a successful conclusion to the WTO Doha round, and closer EU-Japan economic integration, are essential for further stimulating global economic growth. The EU and Japan have great strength in advanced and environmentally responsible products and services, whose competitiveness and growth would be enhanced by a bilateral trade agreement. EU-Japan economic integration would allow faster diffusion of eco-friendly vehicles, contributing significantly to the goal of low-carbon road transport.

Next-generation vehicles strategy in Japan

JAMA is looking forward to cooperating with the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) on the Next-Generation Vehicles Strategy 2010, launched by the Japanese government earlier this year. The strategy aims to dramatically increase the uptake of electric and hybrid vehicles  and boost their share of new purchases by 2020, through specific measures on battery research & development or infrastructure deployment. JAMA members are highly advanced and further committed to their development of next-generation vehicles, which drives growth and job creation across their markets.

Japan proposes a mutual recognition framework for whole vehicle type-approval

Japan has proposed to develop a common international system for the type-approval of whole motor vehicles (IWVTA). This will build on the current framework for type-approval of motor vehicle parts and equipment. The UN’s World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations has set up an Informal Group which will present in November 2011 a roadmap for the development of the international framework for whole vehicle type-approval. JAMA fully supports the development of this international common framework, which will ensure high levels of safety and environmental performance, reduce the cost of implementing different regulations worldwide, and allow the development of safer, greener and more affordable vehicles.

Feature article: CHAdeMO
By Peter Nunn