Association, Inc.

Issue No. 1, 2012

JAMA reiterates to a European Parliament delegation the importance of an EU-Japan Economic Integration Agreement

JAMA Chairman Toshiyuki Shiga met with a nine-member delegation from the European Parliament’s International Trade Committee in Tokyo in early October.  The delegation’s “extremely timely” visit was, for JAMA, a chance to reiterate its support of an EU-Japan Economic Integration Agreement (EIA), towards which a bilateral scoping exercise is currently underway.  Shiga stated to delegation members that the Japanese auto industry is in favour of starting EIA trade talks between the two economies in view of its substantial investments in the European Union, and that it therefore looks forward to the completion of the scoping exercise and the transition to swift and successful negotiations on an EIA.

Commercial vehicle industry meeting calls for global cooperation in promoting regulatory harmonisation

At their annual meeting in Tokyo on 29 November, the chief executives of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy-duty commercial vehicles, as well as representatives of JAMA, ACEA, and the US’ Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association, called for further progress in regulatory harmonisation and closer cooperation among European, North American and Japanese regulators.  Discussions focussed on key issues such as fuel efficiency improvements and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, harmonisation of diesel fuel specifications, and adoption of a worldwide heavy-duty emissions certification procedure.

JAMA publishes the 2011 edition of Common Challenges, Common Future

The annual JAMA publication Common Challenges, Common Future provides facts and figures on JAMA members’ contributions to the competitiveness of the European automotive industry.  JAMA member companies are committed to contributing to the EU economy through the full range of their activities in the European Union, and are in the vanguard of efforts to achieve low-carbon road transport through their development of clean vehicles.

Rev(i)ving the Tokyo Motor Show
By Peter Nunn

Peter Nunn takes a look at Japan’s top automotive showcase, newly revamped and technologies-driven, which opened on 30 November in a new venue in central Tokyo’s waterfront area.