Association, Inc.

Issue No. 3, 2012

JAMA releases its annual publication on members’ contributions to the EU economy

The European and Japanese (and indeed worldwide) automobile industries must today address a number of major challenges including more intense competition in global markets, continuously diversifying consumer needs, global environmental and energy constraints, and the need to achieve greater road safety, in addition to dealing with pervasive economic uncertainty in Europe and Japan.

JAMA members are constantly striving to meet these challenges through their European-based production and research-and-development activities, which aim to supply vehicles that meet European users’ requirements.  In response to the demand for low-carbon, energy-conserving transport, JAMA members are aggressively introducing advanced environmental technologies and promoting the diffusion of new-generation green vehicles, in many cases in initiatives undertaken jointly with European partners at both the public and private levels.

This year's edition of Common Challenges, Common Future provides the latest details on JAMA members' production, R&D, parts-purchasing and new investment and employment activities across Europe and on their EU-based partnership projects promoting the wider use of environmentally-friendly vehicles and associated technologies.
The figures show that in 2011, Japanese automakers in Europe:

Also reviewed are the following developments for JAMA members in Europe in 2011-12:

The drive for sustainability will be instrumental in strengthening the European and Japanese economies, and JAMA believes that greater economic cooperation between the EU and Japan, along with cooperation in establishing harmonised automotive technical regulations, will provide a new momentum for sustainable growth in the global as well as European and Japanese economies.

Since the start of their production activities in the EU in 1986, JAMA members have been investing and progressively expanding their operations in the EU, determined to contribute to the further advancement of the automobile industry in Europe.  This annual publication helps readers deepen their understanding of the commitment of JAMA members to the EU.

The new brochure is available here.