Association, Inc.

Issue No. 1, 2013

JAMA welcomes green light to pursue EU-Japan free trade agreement

JAMA welcomes the decision on 29 November 2012 by the European Union member countries to mandate the European Commission to open negotiations for a bilateral EU-Japan free trade agreement. This partnership will be a key impetus to promoting robust trade, investment and industrial cooperation between the two sides. JAMA stands ready to provide firm support to the Japanese government throughout the negotiations.

European Commission presents new CARS 2020 action plan

On 8 November 2012, the European Commission published its CARS 2020 Action Plan which seeks to guarantee the competitiveness and sustainability of the automotive sector in Europe, through concrete actions on the issues of emissions, research financing, electro-mobility, road safety, new skills, smart regulation, trade negotiations and international harmonisation. JAMA supports the ambitions of the CARS 2020 programme, particularly the actions regarding global markets and international harmonisation. A combination of trade agreements and regulatory harmonisation will allow automotive manufacturers to continue investing in Europe, and will open up new export markets for vehicles manufactured in Europe.

Odaiba Festival-Tokyo Motor Week 2012

In October last year, JAMA held ‘Odaiba Festival-Tokyo Motor Week 2012’, featuring a host of different auto-themed events appealing to all ages and interests, which aimed to cultivate, particularly among young people, increased interest in the automobile industry and its products. With a final tally of 380,000 visitors, of whom over 50% were under the age of 30, the festival was deemed a success.

The Japanese taxi experience
By Peter Nunn

They come in many colours, can be seen on just about any city street, and often are operated by drivers in white gloves.  Welcome to the unique world of the Japanese taxi.