Association, Inc.

Issue No. 2, 2013

JAMA welcomes agreement to begin talks on a Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement

The decision on 25 March to launch official negotiations on a Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement/Free Trade Agreement (EPA/FTA) was welcomed by Japanese and European policymakers and business leaders. JAMA Chairman Akio Toyoda thanked the Japanese and EU governments for their efforts to date and expressed support for an early conclusion of the talks. JAMA is confident that a comprehensive agreement can bring significant global benefits in addition to promoting the growth of the automobile industry in both Japan and Europe.

Japanese auto manufacturers promote micro-vehicles for lower emissions and easier mobility

Japanese auto manufacturers are developing innovative one- and two-seater electric micro-vehicles which offer emissions-free, easy and affordable mobility. With special regulatory treatment required for their widespread use, JAMA is calling for international cooperation in promoting micro-vehicles as a means to conserve energy and reduce vehicle emissions while increasing mobility options for all.

Micro mobility
By Peter Nunn

Small cars have long been big news in Japan and a good fit for the market. Today, however, the definition of "small" may be taking on a different meaning.