Association, Inc.

Issue No. 2, 2014

JAMA publishes the 2014 edition of Common Challenges, Common Future

The automobile manufacturing industries in Europe and Japan are addressing a number of common challenges, including CO2 emissions reduction and international harmonisation of automotive environmental and safety regulations.  Amidst changing global dynamics, achieving sustainable growth is an additional objective.

This year’s edition of JAMA’s Common Challenges, Common Future brochure highlights efforts being made by Japanese automakers in the European Union to meet these goals.  In 2013, JAMA members in the EU:

The brochure also provides recent news from JAMA members:

JAMA actively supports policies and initiatives promoting sustainable mobility and growth in the automotive sector, both in the EU and Japan.  This includes the European Commission’s CARS 2020 action plan and the Japanese government’s Next-Generation Vehicle Strategy, which address the common challenges mentioned above.

Technical and economic cooperation between the EU and Japan would be substantially advanced by an EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), which is why JAMA advocates the early conclusion of such an accord.

Japanese automakers are more determined than ever to contribute to the advancement of the automobile industry in Europe and to the continued satisfaction of European consumers.  Swift agreement on an EU-Japan EPA would be a catalyst for even more success stories such as those detailed in the Common Challenges, Common Future publication.