Association, Inc.

Issue No. 2, 2014

The 16th JAMA Reception is held in Brussels in June

Hosted by JAMA Chairman Fumihiko Ike of Honda, JAMA’s sixteenth Reception was held on 25 June in Brussels, bringing together over 100 representatives from EU institutions, Member States, and the automobile industry to consider how EU-Japan cooperation can contribute to economic development and transport sustainability.  JAMA was honoured to welcome as guest speaker Director General João Aguiar Machado of the European Commission’s DG Mobility and Transport.

JAMA publishes the 2014 edition of Common Challenges, Common Future

The 2014 edition of JAMA’s annual publication Common Challenges, Common Future provides the latest facts and figures concerning its members’ production, research-and-development, parts-purchasing, and new investment and employment activities in the European Union, testifying to the strength of their commitment to the region and highlighting their determination to help achieve sustainable growth in the auto industry in Europe.

Japan’s New Era in Motorsport
By Peter Nunn

Car racing is turning green.