October 18, 2001

Comment on the Establishment of the U.S.-Japan Automotive Consultative Group (ACG)

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) welcomes the recent establishment of the U.S.-Japan Automotive Consultative Group (ACG). This new group provides a promising new framework for constructive dialogue between the governments of the United States and Japan, rooted in keen consideration of the changes taking place in the business environment of the worldwide automobile industry today.

Over the years, and against a backdrop of continuously expanding global business development, JAMA has worked hard to promote a broad range of industry-based initiatives in order to support the business activities of American and Japanese companies as a whole. We are pleased to report that these extensive private-sector efforts have yielded highly encouraging results, including the forging of sound and close working relations with the automotive industries of the United States.

JAMA expects that the newly created ACG will be instrumental in carrying the existing close ties between the U.S. and Japanese automobile industries to even greater heights of mutual trust and understanding.