June 4, 2002

JAMA Supports Cabinet Decision to Ratify Kyoto Protocol

Yoshihide Munekuni, Chairman

Following today's decision by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's Cabinet to ratify the Kyoto Protocol created by the Third Conference of Parties (COP3) to the United Nations Framework on Climate Change, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA) wishes to state its support of the spirit of this effort-namely, "the initiative on the part of the industrialized countries, which have consumed substantial volumes of energy over the years, to take the lead in promoting measures aimed at halting global warming."

JAMA respects the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol by the Japanese government and is determined to fulfill its rightful role in reaching the stated targets. For the Japanese automobile industry this will involve complying with new long-term targets for motor vehicle emission reduction and meeting increased fuel economy targets in addition to implementing individual action plans with respect to energy conservation at factory facilities, among other initiatives aimed at curbing global warming.

However, in order to reduce CO2 levels in the transportation sector, significant advances will have to be made in terms of infrastructure and logistics in addition to ensuring greater fuel economy and other vehicle-based achievements. One crucial effort will be improving road traffic flow. JAMA looks forward to steady progress by the Japanese government in all relevant areas in addressing the global warming issue and ultimately in achieving the targets of the Kyoto Protocol.