July 5, 2002

"Bill on resource recycling for used cars" Gains Diet Passage

Yoshihide Munekuni, Chairman

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) is pleased to report that a government-proposed law on the recycling of automobiles was recently passed in the National Diet.

This development is the outcome of a two-year study on automobile recycling systems which was conducted by the Central Environment Council and the Industrial Structure Council, an effort in which JAMA also took a highly active part. Setting its sights on a more advanced level of recycling for Japan in the near future, the law seeks to clarify the roles of all parties involved in automobile recycling as well as the general direction to be followed from now on towards achieving that goal. In view of today's pressing environmental concerns and other key factors, JAMA considers this legislation to be extremely timely and welcome.

The law's provisions also call for vehicle manufacturers, which play a central role, to continue to work closely with supporting and related industries in the promotion of recycling. Specifically, automakers will strive to introduce an integrated recycling system by the time the legislation goes into effect and then oversee the smooth implementation of that system thereafter. In short, auto manufacturers will make every possible effort to establish and operate a recycling system that can yield maximum results with optimal efficiency.

In accordance with the spirit of the new law, Japanese automakers continue to advance and expand a wide range of programs and strategies that support vehicle manufacturing on the basis of addressing the requirements of recycling and environmental protection in general.

Critical factors in the successful and sustained implementation of such a system include increased awareness on the part of vehicle users along with the cooperation of the auto service operators concerned, the national government, local authorities and other relevant parties. Considering the significance of this initiative and the objectives it targets, JAMA calls upon the entire automotive sector for its redoubled support in promoting both the spirit and the principles of this important new legislation.

Law on Recycling of End-of Life Vehicles