September 24 , 2008

JAMA Comments on Launch of Cabinet Headed by Japan’s New Prime Minister Taro Aso

Satoshi Aoki, Chairman

As soaring commodity prices continue to have a severe impact on consumers and on corporate activity alike, future prospects for Japan and its economy are growing increasingly uncertain.  Meanwhile, the turmoil in global stock markets triggered by the escalating financial crisis in the United States is deepening the anxiety about what lies ahead for the world economy.

With today’s inauguration of the cabinet of Japan’s new Prime Minister Taro Aso, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) looks forward to prompt and substantive action by this new leadership team, under Mr Aso’s guidance, in addressing urgent issues facing the nation—including the need for economic stimulus measures, bold tax reform, and resolution of the social security crisis—taking into account the harsh economic conditions now confronting Japan and the rest of the world.

As regards motor vehicles specifically, JAMA also looks forward to the Aso administration’s initiation of measures to enact a drastic reform of Japan’s complex and excessively onerous automobile tax regime—a key issue in respect to which JAMA has, over the years, lobbied vigorously for constructive change.