April 10, 2009

JAMA Welcomes Additional Economic Stimulus Measures

Satoshi Aoki, Chairman

With Japan facing an unprecedented economic crisis, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) welcomes the government’s announcement today of the largest-ever fiscal stimulus package in the nation’s history.

JAMA is particularly pleased with the inclusion in the stimulus measures of subsidy programs designed to promote sales of eco-friendly cars, and has high expectations that these provisions will help accelerate the shift towards a low-carbon society in addition to spurring a recovery in slumping auto sales.

Accordingly, we look forward to consumers taking maximum advantage of the opportunity those programs provide, in tandem with the reductions (or exemptions in the case of next-generation vehicles) in application as of this month on the automobile acquisition and weight taxes for the purchase of fuel-efficient, low-emission vehicles.

In this way, JAMA hopes that the stimulus package will be instrumental in halting the fall in automobile production in Japan and having a positive impact on employment throughout the automotive sector.

For their part, Japan’s automobile manufacturers will continue to make every possible effort to support job preservation and renewed growth in the industry.