November 15, 2010

JAMA Welcomes Japan-Peru Economic Partnership Agreement

Toshiyuki Shiga, Chairman, Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.


JAMA welcomes the conclusion of negotiations for an economic partnership agreement (EPA) between Japan and the Republic of Peru, and takes this opportunity to express its deep appreciation to all the government representatives who worked so diligently to bring this process to fruition.

A free trade agreement between Peru and China has already entered into force, and Peru has concluded a similar accord with South Korea. Against this backdrop, we applaud the agreement reached at this time between Japan and Peru. Among its wide-ranging mutual benefits, the Japan-Peru EPA will help the Japanese automobile industry maintain its competitiveness while expanding our supply of broad-ranging products and services closely geared to consumer needs.

We are confident that the EPA with Peru, an important partner in South America, will be instrumental in promoting increased trade and investment between Japan and Peru and thereby contributing to further economic development in both countries.