[Note: The following is JAMA's translation of an official text in Japanese.]

December 9, 2010

Japanese Industry Associations・Urgent Opinion Statement on COP16 Negotiations

Kenji Fujiyoshi, Chairman, Japan Chemical Industry Association
Eiji Hayashida, Chairman, Japan Iron and Steel Federation
Toshiyuki Shiga, Chairman, Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association
Masataka Shimizu, Chairman, Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan
Setsuhiro Shimomura, Chairman, Japan Electronics and Information
Technology Industries Association
Kazuhisa Shinoda, Chairman, Japan Paper Association
Akihiko Tenbo, President, Petroleum Association of Japan
Keiji Tokuue, Chairman, Japan Cement Association
Mitsunori Torihara, Chairman, Japan Gas Association


Early in the 16th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP16), the Japanese government stated that extending the Kyoto Protocol could delay the formulation of an effective solution to the problem of global warming, and that it would not agree, under any circumstances, to a post-2012 extension of the Kyoto pact. As members of the Japanese industrial community, we wish to express our strong endorsement of this position in regard to addressing climate change.

It is our view that extending the Kyoto Protocol, in whatever form, would mean sustaining, well into the future, a framework that is exceedingly unfair and highly unlikely to prove effective. Such a move would not only prolong present conditions which make it impossible for Japanese industry to operate on an equal footing in the international arena?with the economy and employment in Japan, among other factors, being negatively impacted thereby?but would also thwart measures aimed at effectively curbing global warming.

Japan’s formal opposition to extending the Kyoto Protocol has been sharply criticized at COP16 by developing countries which, under the Kyoto pact, bear no obligation to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, and proposals have been submitted by some industrialized nations to extend the agreement under certain specific terms. On the other hand, it has been reported that Japan’s position on this issue has been given high marks by a number of countries.

The forum in Cancun is expected to soon produce a new proposal from Mexico, COP16’s host country. With regard to the tough negotiations on that proposal, we request that, in view of the urgent need to achieve a genuine solution to the problem of addressing climate change, the Japanese government exercise strong leadership in taking the necessary steps towards the creation of a fair and effective framework that includes the participation of all major emitter countries. Accordingly, we firmly support the rejection of any attempt to extend the Kyoto Protocol, because of that agreement’s incompatibility with the framework required.