January 12, 2005

Third Global Automobile Industry Meeting Convened in Detroit

The third Global Automotive Industry Meeting, a gathering designed to bring together leaders of automakers from the United States, Europe and Japan, was convened on January 11 in Detroit, Michigan.

Representatives compiled the gist of the discussions and points of agreement reached at the meeting into a joint statement, the text of which has been attached for your reference.

<Summary of Third Global Automobile Industry Meeting>

*Date and Time
January 11 (Tues), 2005, 4:00~6:00 p.m.
Detroit, Michigan
See attached list
*Discussion Agenda
(1) Advanced Technology and Improved Fuel Quality
(2) Intellectual Property
(3) Sustainable Mobility and Road Traffic Safety
(4) Short Reports
  1. Progress in Clean Diesel Technology
  2. International Harmonization of Vehicle Regulation

PDFLeaders of World’s Automakers Address Global Issues (PDF)

PDFParticipants List (PDF)