July 25, 2005

JAMA Publishes an English Language Fact Sheet on Website

The North American office of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA) released its newly published English-language fact sheet, which looks at Japanese automakers’ contributions to local employment, and the scale and nature of investment there.

The new fact sheet, only available on-line at www.jama.org , the web site of JAMA’s North American office, highlights the following facts and figures:

  1. Japanese Automakers’ Employment and Investment in the U.S.
    • Employed 55,795 Americans in their U.S. manufacturing plants.
    • Cumulative investment in the U.S. automobile and auto parts manufacturing plants is now over $28 billion.
    • In 2004, local production in the U.S. totaled approximately 3.2 million vehicles.
    • Employed 359,905 Americans at their 7,066 U.S. dealerships.
    • Grew their R&D staff to 3,065 in 2004.
  2. Japanese Automakers’ Purchase of U.S.-Made Auto Parts (Fiscal 2004)
    • Record-high purchases of U.S.-made auto parts in fiscal 2004 were worth a total of $45.24 billion