November 2, 2005

3rd Global Commercial Vehicle Industry Meeting Held in Chicago

The “3rd Global Commercial Vehicle Industry Meeting,” a gathering of the chief executives of leading manufacturers of heavy-duty vehicles and engines in the United States, Europe and Japan, was convened on November 1 in Chicago, Illinois.

This latest session of the annually scheduled summit was chaired by Daniel C. Ustian, President and CEO of Navistar International Corporation, who issued a press statement following the proceedings that has been attached for your information.

<Overview of 3rd Global Commercial Industry Vehicle Meeting>

Date & Time November 1 (Tues), 20053:00 ~ 5:30 p.m.
Location Chicago, Illinois (Ritz-Carlton Hotel)
Participants 22 corporate executives (PDFsee attached list)
Topics of Discussion
1. Worldwide Heavy Duty Certification Procedure (WHDC) - Tadaaki Jagawa, Chairman of the Board, Hino Motors, Ltd.
2. Global Fuel Regulation - Jorma Halonen, Deputy CEO, VolvoAB
3. Aftertreatment Technologies Update - Joseph Loughrey, President & CEO, Cummins, Inc.
4. Commercial Vehicle Safety - Patrick Charbonneau, Vice President, Government Relations, Navistar International Corporation

*Press Statement
U.S., Japanese, and European Heavy-Duty-Vehicle and Engine manufacturers agree to continue their efforts to achieve harmonized emission and safety regulations.