March 16, 2006

Outline for the 40th Tokyo Motor Show 2007 Determined
~ New comprehensive show to include commercial vehicles ~

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (Chairman: Itaru Koeda; JAMA) determined the outline for the 40th Tokyo Motor Show to be held in the fall of 2007.

The Tokyo Motor Show will be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba City over 17 days from October 26th (Friday) through November 11th (Sunday), 2007 under the theme “Catch the News, Touch the Future.” and will be open to the public from October 27th (Saturday). The show’s theme and poster convey the thrill and excitement of encountering the many dream cars that will be gathered in Tokyo from all around the world. Visitors can also enjoy many special events that have a heightened entertainment value, as well as enhanced press services.

The Tokyo Motor Show will change its format to a biennial “new-style comprehensive show” covering the whole automotive range of passenger cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, commercial vehicle bodies, and vehicle parts, beginning with the show in the fall of 2007. The Tokyo Motor Show had a biennial comprehensive format through the 32nd Tokyo Motor Show (1997). However, from the 33rd Show (1999), the passenger car and motorcycle show was separated from the commercial vehicle show. Since then, passenger car and motorcycle shows have been held on odd numbered years while commercial vehicle shows on even numbered years.

With the inclusion of commercial vehicles and commercial vehicle bodies this time, the Tokyo Motor Show aims to provide the maximum amount of information, all in one compact space where cutting-edge products and technologies gather, including many world premieres across a wide range of automotive categories.

The Tokyo Motor Show is a top-tier show among all international motor shows, as can be discerned by the pure number of world premieres. 79 vehicles premiered at the 39th Tokyo Motor Show (2005) for passenger cars and motorcycles, while 38 were announced at the 38th Show (2004) for commercial vehicles.

Dates and venue
The show will be held over 17 days from October 26th (Friday) through November 11th(Sunday), 2007. The show opens to the public on October 27th (Saturday). In terms of number of exhibition days, the Tokyo Motor Show is the longest of the international motor shows recognized by Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d'Automobiles (OICA) headquartered in Paris. It has two press days on October 24th (Wednesday) and 25th (Thursday). The 40th Tokyo Motor Show will be held at Makuhari Messe (Makuhari, Chiba City).

Theme of the Show
The theme of the 40th Tokyo Motor Show is “Catch the News, Touch the Future.” Vehicles from all over the world that provide our lives with a variety of joy and excitement will gather in Tokyo, in addition to those focused on the environment, safety and comfort. This theme directly expresses that the show is the place to encounter exciting and thrilling vehicles, while also expressing the show organizer’s wish to convey the “joy and meaning of coming to the show.”

Poster design
The 40th Tokyo Motor Show will be a fun event where dream cars from all over the world gather. That feeling of excitement is expressed by colorful “Box Cars” varying in their length, width and height. Box Cars represent vehicles in a variety of categories including passenger cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles. Each “Box” is filled with the dreams, future and excitement of vehicles. The poster is designed to be appropriate for the new comprehensive show that will include commercial vehicles for the first time in the ten years.

An entertainment show with a variety of audience-participation and hands-on events
Past Tokyo Motor Shows have provided not only opportunities for introducing new products and technologies but also for hosting various special events for experiencing other lifestyles as they interact with automobiles. At the 40th Tokyo Motor Show, with the addition of commercial vehicles, even more entertaining events - such as the “clean energy vehicles test ride” which has been held twice in recent years and has been very well received – will be conducted.

The 2007 Tokyo Motor Show will significantly improve upon press services
The level of press satisfaction for the Tokyo Motor Shows has always been among the highest among the Big Five international motor shows (Detroit, Frankfurt, Geneva, Paris, Tokyo). We will nevertheless strive to further improve our services - including the planned expansion of the working space in the press center which has been strongly requested by the press.

Blog to be introduced to the Tokyo Motor Show official website
From early April 2006 on, a blog will be introduced onto the Tokyo Motor Show official website which will provide up-to-date information on motor show related-information leading up to the 40th Show. The blog will be updated approximately once a week.
* Blog service is available only in Japanese.