April 28, 2006

Trends in Mini-Vehicle Use
- Results of JAMA’s Fiscal 2005 Survey -

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) has published the results of its mini-vehicle use fact-finding survey carried out in fiscal 2005.

This survey has been conducted in odd-numbered years since 1981 to determine mini-vehicle ownership and user trends and characteristics.

The JAMA mini-vehicle survey results revealed the following information.

(1) Regarding mini-vehicle use overall:

  • As a means of daily transportation, minicars are used primarily by women and senior citizens.
  • “Cab-over-type” minivans are split roughly between commercial and passenger use, while about 50% of mini-trucks are used in agricultural work.

(2) Regarding mini-vehicle use in localities with limited access to public transport (towns and rural municipalities with populations under 100,000):

  • Mini-vehicle non-availability would seriously hamper daily activities in localities poorly served by public transport.

(3) Regarding mini-vehicle use by women:

  • Minicars are a key means of mobility for working women, who also make heavy use of their minicars for shopping and other everyday needs.

(4) Regarding mini-vehicle use by senior citizens:

  • In Japan’s rapidly “graying” society, mini-vehicles are extremely convenient for senior citizens in the conduct of their daily lives, in terms of both ease of use and economic performance.

Reference: JAMA’s Fiscal 2005 Survey on Trends in Mini-Vehicle Use ~ Summary of Results