September 21, 2006

4th Global Commercial Vehicle Industry Meeting Held in Hanover
- Publication of Press Statement -

The “4th Global Commercial Vehicle Industry Meeting,” a gathering of the chief executives of leading manufacturers of heavy-duty vehicles and engines in the United States, Europe and Japan, was convened on September 20 (Wednesday) in Hanover, Germany. This latest session of the annually scheduled summit was chaired by Paolo Monferino, CEO of Iveco S.p.A, who issued a press statement following the proceedings that has been attached for your information.

The participants in the meeting issued a joint statement, which has been attached for your reference. A brief overview of the meeting follows.

<Overview of 4th Global Commercial Vehicle Industry Meeting>

Date & Time September 20 (Wednesday) 2006  5:00 ~ 7:00 p.m.
Location Hanover, Germany (Messegelände)
Participants 20 corporate executives (PDFSee attached list)
Topics of Discussion
1. Fuel Quality
2. Global Technical Regulations
3. Challenges Facing Truck Transportation in the Future
4. Intellectual Property


*Press Statement
European, Japanese and U.S. Heavy-Duty-Vehicle and Engine manufacturers underlined the need of UN/ECE to address fuel quality and the importance of a positive outcome of the ongoing discussions on Global Technical Regulations.