October 27, 2006

Launch of Japanese Motor Vehicles Guidebook 2006 - 2007 Vol. 53

Japanese Motor Vehicles Guidebook 2006 - 2007 Vol. 53 (Retail price: JPY 1,200), published by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA; Chairman: Fujio Cho), will be available at all major bookstores, online “Book Service Co., Ltd.” and JAMA head office starting October 30 (Monday), 2006.

Since first published for the 1st Tokyo Motor Show in 1954, this Guidebook boasts more than 50 years of history. As an annual publication that includes all domestic vehicles, it has proved popular not only with automotive fans, but with a diverse audience.

The latest volume is in an A4 format. The color pages section, along with showing color photographs of car interiors of key vehicles manufactured by Japanese automobile manufacturers, also introduces catch phrases for these vehicles. The full-color catalog pages, which cover approximately 1,000 passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses, contain specifications and are in a layout that is easy to read and very functional.

The special feature in this edition is “Japanese Car Designers Working Abroad.” Three Japanese designers that work in the field of European car design (Kiyoyuki Okuyama, formerly of Pininfarina S.p.A, Joji Nagashima of BMW AG, and Satoshi Wada of Audi AG) are introduced and followed locally. This fascinating article introduces not only their work, but also their personalities through direct interviews.

“Vehicles as Good Partner!” is a special column introducing four well-known figures from various sectors (Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi, TV celebrity Naomi Shibata, automobile technical illustrator Takashi Jufuku and Tokorozawa Driving School principal Fukue Sawada) ,how they relate to cars, and their devotion to cars.

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Outline of Japanese Motor Vehicles Guidebook 2006 - 2007 Vol. 53

1. Publication Date: October 30 (Monday), 2006
2. Retail Price: JPY 1,200 (tax included)
3. Format: A4 size, approximately 420 pages
4. Content

(1) Color Pages: Photos, predominantly of key vehicles produced by domestic automobile manufacturers
(2) Feature: “Japanese Car Designers Working Abroad”
- Designer interviews:
Kiyoyuki Okuyama, formerly with Pininfarina S.p.A
Joji Nagashima, BMW AG
Satoshi Wada, Audi AG
- The Spirit within Car Design (Hideo Kodama)
- All You Need to Know About Car Design (Masatsugu Arimoto)
(3) Column: “Vehicles as Good Partner!”
 - Kazunori Yamauchi, Gran Turismo creator
 - Naomi Shibata, TV celebrity
 - Takashi Jufuku, Automobile technical illustrator
 - Fukue Sawada, Tokorozawa Driving School principal
(4) Catalog Pages: Photos and major specifications, mainly of domestic market passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles
(5) Data: New Model News; Reading Catalogs
(6) Directory: Automobile manufacturers, automobile distributors, automobile manufacturers associations, etc.
(7) Advertisements, and others  

* The catalog and directory pages (automobile manufacturer profiles) are in both Japanese and English; the special feature and data are partly in both Japanese and English.