May 22, 2017

“Let’s Try Ecodriving” Video Now Available Online produced by JAMA to raise awareness of fuel-efficient ecodriving
Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA) has posted the animated video "Let's Try Ecodriving" on its Web site to promote increased public awareness of fuel-efficient ecodriving.

Japan has established a greenhouse gas emissions reduction target for 2030[1], and JAMA member manufacturers continue to improve automotive fuel efficiency and promote the wider use of next-generation, alternative energy-powered vehicles. Also important, however, is the more fuel-efficient use of conventional automobiles. Because teenage and young adult drivers are less likely to drive in a fuel-efficient manner[2], JAMA has created an animated video (in Japanese only) called "Let's Try Ecodriving" to raise awareness of the subject, particularly among this segment of the driving population.

driving image


The three-part video explains fuel-efficient ecodriving in an easy-to-understand way through conversations between the characters. The first part, "Ecodriving is cool," outlines the benefits of fuel-efficient ecodriving, while the second part, "How to ecodrive: Knowing this will also save you money!,” introduces ecodriving practices in various driving situations. The third section, "Countermeasures to global warming," looks at causes and effects of global warming and discusses measures that can be adopted to help curb it.

JAMA expects that organizations representing industry partners will be posting this video on their own Web sites in order to maximize potential viewership. “Let’s Try Ecodriving” is also scheduled to be screened at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show to be held from October 27 through November 5 this year at Tokyo Big Sight.

[1] The Japanese government ratified the Paris Agreement in November, 2016, and has established a greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of 26% below 2013 emission levels by 2030. Meanwhile, Japan’s transport sector is aiming to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 28% within the same time frame. The automobile industry will continue to vigorously promote CO2 reduction in road transport not only through vehicle-based measures but also by advocating the adoption of fuel-efficient ecodriving practices by vehicle users and the implementation of road infrastructure-related measures by the relevant stakeholders.

[2] The results of a survey on ecodriving conducted by JAMA showing that teenagers and adults in their twenties were less likely than their seniors to understand or practice ecodriving led to JAMA’s creation of this video, aimed at helping young people become more familiar with fuel-efficient ecodriving practices and their benefits.