August 2, 2107

August 19 is Motorcycle Day!
JAMA and JMPSA to Host Smile-On Motorcycle Day 2017
on August 19 at Sanagi Shinjuku

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) and the Japan Motorcycle Promotion & Safety Association (JMPSA) are pleased to announce their joint sponsorship of “Smile-On Motorcycle Day 2017” to be held on Saturday, August 19, at Sanagi Shinjuku’s Event Space in Tokyo's popular Shinjuku district.

This event is being held to mark Motorcycle Day, designated as such by the Japanese government in 1989 to help reduce motorcycle accident occurrence by raising motorcycle riders' and the general public's awareness of road safety and, at the same time, to highlight the appeal of motorcycle use.

On-stage events will include talk sessions discussing rider safety and motorcycle manners as well as motorcycle lifestyles and fashion; a road safety presentation given by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s elite “Queen Stars” female officers’ motorcycle squad; a special show featuring the black-bear mascot Kumamon; and the Bakuon!! TV animation show. Talk-session guests will be celebrities known for their love of motorcycles, including “Chihara Jr.,” Akina Minami, Nana Suzuki, and Girolamo Panzetta, as well as the fashion director Hiroshi Morioka.

Also taking place at Sanagi Shinjuku’s Event Space will be an exhibit of vehicle models from Japan’s four motorcycle manufacturers (with more of their vehicles exhibited at Shinjuku Station’s Southeast Entrance Plaza) and a fashion presentation designed to coordinate with the vehicles on display.

The sponsors look forward to a strong turnout for Smile-On Motorcycle Day 2017. There is no admission fee, but visitors are urged to come early because of limited stage-show seating capacity. See below for detailed information on this event.

Smile-On Motorcycle Day 2017: Complete Event Information

  • DATE & TIME: August 19 (Saturday), 2017, 12:00-16:00
  • VENUE: Sanagi Shinjuku in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward Address: 3-35-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  • SPONSORS: Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Japan Motorcycle Promotion & Safety Association
  • Support provided by: The Cabinet Office (Japanese government), National Police Agency, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's Traffic Bureau, Shinjuku Police Department, Japan Traffic Safety Association, Japan Light Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle Association, Motorcycle Federation of Japan
  • History: Motorcycle Day was established in 1989 by the Japanese government’s road safety task force, with the aim of reducing motorcycle accident occurrence.
  • Website:
  • FEATURED EVENTS: (Event scheduling and content details subject to change without notice)
    • 1. Stage events
      • 12:00-12:20 Smile-On Motorcycle Day 2017 Opening Ceremony
        Key participants & special guests:
        - Hiroyuki Yanagi, Chairman, JAMA Motorcycle Committee (President & Representative Director, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.)
        - Taketo Hayashida, Managing Director, Japan Motorcycle Promotion & Safety Association
        - Representatives of the Cabinet Office, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, and Shinjuku Police Station
        - “Chihara Jr.” and Akina Minami
      • 12:30-13:00 Talk Show No. 1
        A talk session on the topic of motorcycles and lifestyles, hosted by “Chihara Jr.” and Akina Minami
      • 13:15-13:45 Road Safety Presentation by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department
        A road safety presentation given by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s elite “Queen Stars” female officers’ motorcycle squad
      • 14:00-14:30 Kumamon Special Show
        A special show featuring Kumamon, who serves as manager and “happiness director” in the Kumamoto prefectural government’s marketing department
      • 14:45-15:15 Talk Show No. 2
        A talk session on the topic of motorcycles and fashion, hosted by Nana Suzuki, Girolamo Panzetta, and Hiroshi Morioka
      • 15:30-16:00 Bakuon!! TV animation show
    • 2. Exhibits
      • Display of vehicles from Japan’s four motorcycle manufacturers 12:00-16:00
        (Vehicles displayed at the Sanagi Shinjuku Event Space and at Shinjuku Station’s Southeast Entrance Plaza )
      • Motorcycle-themed fashion presentation 12:00-16:00
        (The presentation will take place in the Sanagi Shinjuku Event Space.)
    • Chihara Jr千原ジュニア(ちはらジュニア) “Chihara Jr.”


    • Akina Minami南明奈(みなみあきな) Akina Minami
    • Nana Suzuki鈴木奈々(すずきなな) Nana Suzuki
    • Girolamo Panzettaパンツェッタ ジローラモ Girolamo Panzetta
    • Hiroshi Morioka森岡 弘(もりおかひろし) Hiroshi Morioka
    • BakuonTVアニメ「ばくおん!!」 Bakuon!! TV animation show


【「サナギ新宿」への交通・アクセス】Location of Sanagi Shinjuku Venue

住所:東京都新宿区新宿3-35-6(甲州街道高架下)  JR線 「新宿駅」東南口 徒歩1分

Sanagi Shinjuku map

Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association’s Public Relations Office (Tel: 03-5405-6119)
Japan Motorcycle Promotion & Safety Association (Tel: 03-6902-8190)

For inquiries, please contact:
Otake and Koizumi, Full House
Smile-On Motorcycle Day 2017 Secretariat
Tel: 03-5413-0293